Upcoming Events

FREE LIVE WEBINAR |  26 January 2022

How to increase your borrowing power – mortgage applications

Mortgages are getting tougher as banks tighten up their lending policies, Lillian shares her tips to increase your borrowing power

1-DAY ONLINE WORKSHOP |  12 February 2022

Property Workshop: How to Buy or Invest in Auckland

This workshop reveals the steps to get your first home and build your property portfolio in Auckland.

COURSE |  19 February 2022

Own My Home – First Home Buyers Course

Our dedicated education program for First Home Buyers

LIVE TRAINING COURSE  |  26 & 27 February 2022

Property Investment MasterClass

This 2-day MasterClass is a deep dive into the nitty gritty of property investment and development.

Past Events

FREE WEBINAR |  15 December 2021

What to look out for when buying an ‘off the plan’ new build

New build homes are increasingly becoming a solution for low deposit first home buyers to get on the ladder, or investors looking to maintain tax deductibility benefits, however, sunset clauses are catching buyers off guard as developers look to back out of a deal even after a deposit has been paid. How do you protect yourself from losing your property and place on the ladder with ever increasing property prices?

FREE WEBINAR |  8 December 2021

Do neighbours have the right to stop nearly completed developments?

Making headlines last month was the stopping of a development of 13 new homes in Remuera just weeks from completion, after a successful challenge against the resource consent approval from neighbours. How did this happen and how could the project get so far along before being stopped?

MEMBERS ONLY  |  21 November 2021

Property Analysis Training & Market Update

Member Meet’s are exclusive to members, we catch up monthly for a training session from an industry professional and networking with fellow members online (in lockdown).

FREE LIVE WEBINAR |  20 November 2021

From living in a shoebox apartment to $2m in property within 12 months

After years of being stuck, it took less than 12 months to dramatically change their circumstances with a new property strategy.

FREE LIVE WEBINAR |  3 November 2021

How 23 year-old Keelan bought his first home on a single income

Own My Home ambassador, Keelan Clark, shares his story on how he purchased his first home.

FREE LIVE WEBINAR |  20 October 2021

New Immigration Policy and Family Law

With COVID-19 closing NZ’s international borders, how has this prolonged closure affected the business sector?

FREE LIVE WEBINAR |  6 October 2021

PROPERTY WATCH: Expert adviser insights into the NZ property market

Don’t listen to the ‘noise’ of the media. Get real, insider info direct to you in our PROPERTY WATCH live sessions. Join us and get all your questions answered with the update and Q&A from a FINAX mortgage advisor.

FREE LIVE WEBINAR |  29 September 2021

New Mortgage Landscape: What is CCCFA and latest updates on new tax changes

What is this new act for responsible lending and how does it affect your property purchasing?

FREE LIVE WEBINAR |  22 September 2021

How To Buy Your First House Without Saving Up A Deposit

A foot onto the property ladder fast tracks financial independence and security.

FREE LIVE WEBINAR |  15 September 2021

What are Property Disputes and How Can You Avoid It?

The best way to protect yourself is to know how to stay clear of these potential issues.

FREE LIVE WEBINAR |  9 September 2021

How you can (and should) buy your first home

Don’t let the fear stop you from getting your first home. Lucia has experienced advice and strategies to help you overcome your obstacles.

FREE LIVE WEBINAR |  2 September 2021

Purchasing & Selling Property During Lockdown

The legal ins and outs with Dr Key Tee from PCW Law

FREE LIVE WEBINAR |  25 August 2021

PROPERTY WATCH: Expert adviser insights into the NZ property market

Don’t listen to the ‘noise’ of the media. Get real, insider info direct to you in our PROPERTY WATCH live sessions. Join us and get all your questions answered with the update and Q&A from a FINAX mortgage advisor.

FREE LIVE WEBINAR |  11 August 2021

How a $40k pay cut led to a $3.5m property portfolio in 12 months

Within 12 months of utilising a new property game plan, Marcus and Melanie have grown their portfolio to $3.5m by age 28 and bought their dream home too!

FREE LIVE WEBINAR |  21 July 2021

Is ACC enough protection for you and your family?

How much do you know about ACC and how exactly can they help us with accidents?

Join us on the 21st of July for our free live webinar with insurance expert Hans Bai from Finax Mortgages and Insurance to learn about the ins and outs of ACC coverage, how their policies work, and what the limitations are.

FREE LIVE WEBINAR |  7 July 2021

How a 26 year old built a $3m property portfolio in 12 months – Lee’s Property Journey

Join us for a free, live webinar on 7 July to discover Lee’s journey from having a 1/3 share in a property in Pukekohe, to purchasing his own home on a single income and on track to achieving his goal of $1m net equity within 16 months from purchase.

FREE LIVE WEBINAR |  30 June 2021

Another tool to minimise tax on investment properties

How your property’s chattels impact income tax

FREE LIVE WEBINAR |  16 June 2021

Turning $1m into $2.5m in 18 months

learn how you can make the most of your income to build wealth through property. Discover one of our member’s property journeys, from being a homeowner to first time property investor.

FREE WEBINAR |  26 May 2021

How Financial Statements impact property purchasing power

The important documents you need to understand as a business owner / property investor

FREE WEBINAR |  5 May 2021

How to spot a bargain property in Auckland

How Adnan’s first investment property in Onehunga will lead to his financial freedom.

FREE WEBINAR |  7:30PM – 21 APRIL 2021

Should you buy a cross lease?

What really is a cross lease property? They’re all over Auckland, attached and detached 1/2 share or even 1/10 share… but what does it mean? What are the pros and cons/limitations and should you buy one?

FREE WEBINAR |  7:30pm – 31 March 2021

CLIENT STORIES: How Tim, who couldn’t get finance, bought a $920k property and turned it into nearly $2m

Join in the Q&A with Tim and Lucia about his experience and gain insightful tips and advice to help you on your property journey.

FREE WEBINAR |  7:30pm – 23 March 2021

PROPERTY ACCOUNTING: How the new Govt housing announcement will affect you

With Lucia and Tony Thorne, owner of Thorne Accounting – Expert Property Accounts.

A Q&A covering the then new Govt housing announcement.

FREE WEBINAR |  7:30pm – 4 March 2021

How Nash bought a property after brokers said he couldn’t

Client Stories: Free webinar with Nash, who continued to grow his portfolio after being told he couldn’t.