Upcoming Events

MEMBERS ONLY |  10am 18 April 2021

Property on Sunday

Exclusive to members, this monthly event starts with a learning session with an industry professional followed by a property tour visiting member projects and open homes.

FREE WEBINAR |  7:30PM – 21 APRIL 2021

Should you buy a cross lease?

What really is a cross lease property? They’re all over Auckland, attached and detached 1/2 share or even 1/10 share… but what does it mean? What are the pros and cons/limitations and should you buy one?

1 DAY WORKSHOP |  10:00am – 8 May 2021

Property Workshop: How to Buy or Invest in Auckland

This 1-day workshop reveals the steps to get your first home and build your property portfolio in Auckland.

Past Events

FREE WEBINAR |  7:30pm – 31 March 2021

CLIENT STORIES: How Tim, who couldn’t get finance, bought a $920 property and turned it into nearly $2m

Join in the Q&A with Tim and Lucia about his experience and gain insightful tips and advice to help you on your property journey.

FREE WEBINAR |  7:30pm – 23 March 2021

PROPERTY ACCOUNTING: The best property ownership structure

With Lucia and Tony Thorne, owner of Thorne Accounting – Expert Property Accounts.

Learn the different types of ownership and the best property ownership structure to suit your unique situation.

FREE WEBINAR |  7:30pm – 4 March 2021

How Nash bought a property after brokers said he couldn’t

Client Stories: Free webinar with Nash, who continued to grow his portfolio after being told he couldn’t.

MEMBERS ONLY  |  27 & 28 February 2021

Property Investment MasterClass

A deep dive into property investment, this 2 day MasterClass is exclusive to members. One you don’t want to miss! If you haven’t attended, book now!