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Our dedicated education program for First Home Buyers

Buying your first home can feel like a scary and massive commitment and hard to navigate the minefield of things to consider before committing to spending your life savings on a place to call your own.


Too many first time house hunters waste thousands of dollars on building inspections, lawyers fees or even hundreds of thousands in lost opportunity on a seemingly minor issue related to a property’s title.


Confidence and knowledge are crucial for success as first home buyers.


Lucia Xiao is passionate about helping Kiwis into homeownership. It’s our companies driving vision.

Own My Home

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19 February 2022.

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What you’ll learn:

Understand the Sale and Purchase Agreement, what to look out for, saving time and money enabling you to take action quickly

Understand Titles – Different types of properties and how the title impacts a property’s value, hidden costs associated and how it impacts borrowing ability

Understand LIM Reports – Identify crucial information that can seriously impact your property’s value, borrowing ability and ongoing costs like insurance

Different property types and a deeper explanation into the pros and cons of each

Building inspections – how to perform your own by identifying issues and understanding the impact it has on value, and when you really need a professional’s opinion.

What to do at open homes and inspections

How to negotiate and deal with agents or vendors and solicitors

Understand the different types of sales methods and how to present the best offer.

What’s included:

2 x classroom session – Live online (9:30am – 12pm Saturday & Sunday) with a member of the FINAX team.


Open home tour – Once at an alert level that will allow, apply your acquired knowledge with a half day open home tour with Lucia and your class mates. Visit potential properties and identify your learnings in a real environment with an expert by your side to help you.


Free Copy of Lucia’s book ‘Financial Freedom | 5 Steps 5 Years – Lucia’s book, ‘Financial Freedom | 5 Steps 5 Years’ is Lucia’s inspirational journey from poverty (living on $170 per week for a family of four in a one bedroom house) to financial freedom through building a $17m (and growing) property portfolio.


Lucia shares her top five lessons and steps that she wishes someone could have shared with her on her journey, and why she’s so passionate about helping others reach their financial potential.


1 x Free ticket(s) to our 1-Day Workshop, How to Buy or Invest in Auckland – This 1-day workshop reveals the steps to build your property portfolio in Auckland.


Consultation and tailored assessment – Know your real budget and borrowing potential with an experienced FINAX Mortgage Adviser.


Access to a First Home Buyer’s Ambassador – Ability to reach out to a FINAX dedicated First Home Buyer’s ambassador to be a sounding board for any questions through your property search.

Property Tour
Michaela and Tyler

Success story from one of our many first home buyers

Despite being first home buyers, Tyler and Michaela purchased their dream home. They took our advice on board and secured the property which they initially thought it would be over their budget, backing on to Tyler’s golf club.


“Exactly two months after attending an initial workshop with Lucia, my partner and I purchased our first home in Swanson, Auckland. We went from being told by the bank that we could purchase a $720k property, to being able to afford over a million dollars thanks to the Finax team. We’ve learnt so much about finances, mortgages and investment over the last two months and are excited to learn even more as we begin the development process on our new home. While we have just secured our first property, it definitely won’t be the last.”


– Michaela


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