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About Lucia Xiao

Self-made multi-millionaire, Lucia Xiao is a successful property coach and mentor, founder of Finax Mortgages & Insurance and author of Financial Freedom: 5 Steps, 5 Years.
From humble beginnings living in a state house, Lucia previously built a $17 million property portfolio in 5 years, and continues to manage and grow it over time.
Lucia has also been an investment advisor and mobile business manager through the GFC and business and commercial insurance manager for a leading NZ bank. Her experience working with tens of thousands of banking customers has equipped her with highly valuable and unique experience for mortgage clientele.
Lucia also is a proud supporter of Kidscan through the B1G1 program.

Property Coaching & Mentoring

Embark on a transformative real estate journey with Lucia Xiao’s Property Coaching and Mentoring program. Lucia, a seasoned real estate expert, will personally guide you, tailoring her coaching to align with your unique goals – from first home buyers to property developers.
Tap into her extensive knowledge of the New Zealand property market, cutting-edge investment strategies, and industry trends. Also learn proven methods for property investment, portfolio management, and wealth creation to realise your financial objectives, all under Lucia’s expert guidance.

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Mortgages & Insurance

Lucia’s extensive banking and mortgage finance experience also led her to start her own mortgage finance company, Finax Mortgages and Insurance. It trades under Finax Limited, holds a Class 2 Full Licence, and is regulated by the FMA, FSP763671.
If you’re looking for mortgage or insurance assistance, get in touch today! Head to

6 July 2024

Upcoming, Property Workshop: How to Buy or Invest in Auckland Property


09:00AM – 02:00PM


Lucia Xiao | FINAX Mortgages & Insurance 644 Great South Road, Ellerslie, Auckland
Property Investment Training Auckland

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Giving Back – B1G1

Through B1G1 (Buy 1, Give 1) we support charities like KidsCan, and support disadvantaged kiwi kids with the necessities they need in order to allow them to break the cycle of poverty
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