Next Property Workshop on 6th July 2024

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This is a 2-day class (free for members). This event is crucial for success so don’t miss out! 

We get into the nitty gritty detail of property investment so that you will have the confidence to pursue your goals. 


We cover:

  • How to find the right type of property
  • How to add value to properties and increase their value by 30% or more, with a minimum 5% rental return
  • How to invest in Auckland property wisely, using the Auckland Unitary Plan to maximise your financial position
  • How to use your mortgage to leverage your financial position
  • The best way to structure your loan and ownership of your properties, to minimise tax and protect your assets
  • How to master money and get it working working for you, instead of you working for money
  • The best ways to make use of your time and energy to create a legacy


… and much, MUCH More!

28 & 29 October 2023