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From New Residents to Savvy Property Investors: Neo and Stella’s Journey

Mt Albert

From New Residents to Savvy Property Investors: Neo and Stella’s Journey

Discover how Neo and Stella, new residents turned savvy property investors, found success in Auckland’s real estate market. Guided by expert mentor Lucia Xiao, they secured a promising property deal that could triple their rental income. Want to know their secret? Keep reading to find out.

Meet Neo and Stella, a dynamic couple who embarked on a journey to secure their first home in Auckland. Having become New Zealand residents earlier this year, they were determined to make the right investment choice that would kick-start their property journey on the right foot.

Neo, armed with his analytical IT background, dove headfirst into extensive research on property investment and coaching programs. After stumbling upon a popular New Zealand property podcast, he discovered Lucia Xiao, a renowned property investment mentor. Intrigued by the success stories showcased on Lucia’s YouTube channel, Neo and Stella decided to attend her February 2023 event, ‘How to Buy or Invest in Auckland.’

The informative workshop left Neo and Stella with a newfound understanding of property investment, and they wasted no time in joining Lucia’s group coaching program. Months of searching and a few missed opportunities later, Neo and Stella’s diligence paid off when they identified an off-market gem in Mt Albert with tremendous potential.

Their strategic move led them to secure a nearly 700m2 freehold property for a remarkable $1.43 million, a deal that has an estimated value of $1.78 million. The couple recognised the development potential of their new property and began working closely with Lucia to devise a tailored strategy. Options on the table include adding multiple additional dwellings, potentially tripling their rental income.

Neo and Stella’s success story highlights the importance of education, determination, and making informed decisions in the property market. With their savvy purchase, they’ve not only secured a valuable slice of prime Auckland real estate but also set the stage for a promising future as property investors. Congratulations to this dynamic duo on their fantastic first step into the property market!

 If you’re eager to unlock your own potential in Auckland’s property market, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, Lucia Xiao is here to guide you. Join us for her upcoming workshop to gain insights and knowledge that can help shape your property investment journey. Don’t miss out – CLICK HERE to learn more and take your first steps towards property success!