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How I went from living in a state house to building a $17 million property portfolio in 5 years.

I moved to New Zealand from China in 1999.

It was very difficult in the beginning due to my poor English and no local work experience.

I ended up working in a chicken shop and earning $8 an hour.

Housing New Zealand

Then I met my husband, and we have been together since. My mum moved to New Zealand from China after I had my first child, and all 4 of us ended up living in a one bedroom flat.

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Early days in New Zealand, 1999

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My husband and I in our 1 bedroom flat in Papatoetoe, Auckland

We lived on $170 a week for 4 people after rent. I had never heard of Housing New Zealand, or state houses, as we have nothing like this in China.

My husband’s grandma told us about the help we could receive from Housing New Zealand, and we were lucky enough to be allocated a 3 bedroom state house in Panmure, Auckland – we were so grateful!

Taking control of our future

When my baby was 2 months old, I decided to look for a job –

I wanted to take control of our future and I didn’t want to stay on government support.

I applied for a job as a bank teller in one of New Zealand’s leading banks, even though I was nervous that my English wasn’t good enough.

I gave it a go anyway, and a few weeks later, I was told I got the job!

I worked my way up the ranks until I was promoted to Second in Charge of the branch, then Insurance Manager, then a Business Lending Manager.

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Working at a leading bank in New Zealand.

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Property Investment

I finally started property investment in 2012 after watching some of my clients actively buying in the market since late 2011.

Combining my years of knowledge in investment, lending, and insurance, as well as my experience with clients and their property investment decisions, I steadily built my portfolio until it grew to become a $17 million property portfolio in just 5 years which has given me the freedom to do what I love.

Now, I want to share my knowledge with you so you too can use property investment to achieve financial freedom and live your true life purpose.