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FREE WEBINAR  |  8:00pm, Wednesday 1 June 2022

How to buy your first million dollar house

How to buy your first million dollar house with a 5% deposit

Did you ever think that buying your first ever property will be a million dollar home? Well it’s definitely possible!
With all the negative news about interest rates and the apparent housing market on the decline, first home buyers have been given an extra leg up. Kainga Ora has changed their First Home Loan lending policies.


If you fit the bill of dreaming of owning your first home but don’t have enough deposit, join us online at 8pm and see how this dream can become a reality. Prepare some of your questions and Lucia, founder of Finax Mortgages and Insurance, will advice you on the best way to go about your first home purchase.

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Lucia Xiao

Founder, Mentor and Property Coach