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FREE WEBINAR  |  7:00pm, Wednesday 3 November 2021

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How 23 year-old Keelan bought his first home on a single income

Keelan’s property journey started when he was only 18, but like many others like him, he was unsure on what to look for. He had no proper support, no access to a property mentor, and had so many questions he needed answers to. He had a huge lack of confidence and direction until he came across Finax.



He started working for Finax in 2020 and gained unique insight into the property market, a light bulb lit up and suddenly his dream of owning a home was coming to fruition. Within 12 months of joining the team, Keelan bought his first home on his own at only 23 years old.



Join us on Wednesday 3 November at 7pm to learn how Keelan achieved his home ownership goals, discover how he found a hidden gem in Auckland and his advice on how to secure your first home. Take part in the Q&A and get all your questions answered, register now!
Keelan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and has been working in the Finance Sector since late 2018. Previously his experience has been primarily in the Travel Sector, and now his efforts are focused on developing personal growth for clients over the long term.