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FREE WEBINAR  |  7:00pm, Wednesday 22 September 2021

Justin First Home Buyers support

How To Buy Your First House
Without Saving Up A Deposit

A foot onto the property ladder fast tracks financial independence and security but seeing rising house prices can be disheartening for those trying to save a deposit for their first home. As parents, you may be wanting to support or help your kids into their first home, but concerned about the risks involved if you are considering helping financially or just not sure on the best way to really help.


We’re passionate about helping New Zealanders achieve homeownership and have helped thousands in their property journey. Join us for a free live webinar on Wednesday 22 September at 7pm with Justin Croudace, one of our First Home Buyer Ambassadors and a key member of our lending team, to learn about different deposit options for first home buyers, tips to fast track a first home purchase and understand the different ways family can help first home buyers into the market (without having to move far away from home) and how to handle a conversation on this sometimes tricky subject.

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About Justin


Justin has a bachelor of commerce degree majoring in economics and commercial law. He is well versed in taxation and has a real passion for the property market. He is results and data driven, he loves problem solving and believes there is a solution for every client. He promises to work hard and deliver results above and beyond his clients expectations.