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FREE WEBINAR  |  1:00pm, Saturday 20 November 2021

Sean and Mio shoebox

From living in a shoebox apartment to $2m in property within 12 months

Sean and Mio were keen to get their property investment journey started a few years ago, when they followed the advice of someone close to them and bought an apartment, attracted to the idea of high yield. However, after moving in and living there themselves they wanted to upgrade and grow their portfolio. After meeting Lucia, they quickly realised that their apartment was actually holding them back from improving their financial position.



After years of being stuck, it took less than 12 months to dramatically change their circumstances with a new property strategy.



Join us on 20 November at 1pm to hear Sean and Mio’s property journey and find out how they made their leap of faith and landed on an amazing opportunity. Join the Q&A and have all your questions answered. Register Now!