The first steps to home ownership or property investment is confidence. Confidence comes from knowing that you’ve done your homework, are prepared and understand the opportunities and risks involved. Check out the videos below to help you learn and prepare for your property investment journey.


The biggest hurdle most people face, whether you’re a first home buyer or property investor, is mindset. Putting all your savings on the line and having a mortgage can seem scary, which is completely understandable buying a home is one of the biggest purchases in one’s life. However, a mortgage can be a powerful tool to help you get to financial freedom sooner than you think is possible.

In this video, Lucia discusses mindset and how to overcome fear, live from courage and show you how mortgage is not just ‘debt’ but an investment.


Your spending habits and really have an impact on your borrowing power.

In this video, Lucia explains:

  • Money Rich vs Money Poor
  • Breaking the save – spend tradition
  • Good and bad debt
  • How to tidy up your spending for the best mortgage application


In this video, Lucia explains:

  • Why paying your mortgage down as soon as possible doesn’t have to be your priority
  • How to use mortgages to build wealth
  • How lenders view mortgages

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